Commitments and values

Mageia Partners - Nos particularités

Our key differentiators

  • We drive your Cash Diligence projects thanks to our multidisciplinary expertise in finance, HR, and in all fields related to WCR (AP, AR, inventories)
  • The 2 founders have more than 35 years of cumulative experience in advisory, operational and management roles, both in domestic and international contexts, as well as in private and public environments
  • Our business model is agile, tailored for each engagement, with a flat fee or daily rate, together with a performance fee based on results achieved
  • A share of our success fee is paid back to our consultants, based on customer satisfaction
  • Senior consultants (more than 10 years’ experience) are involved from start to finish in each engagement, to ensure perfect project management and optimal customer satisfaction

Mageia Partners - Notre promesse

Our promise

  • Our deliverables are concise and pragmatic
  • For each Cash Diligence, we set a precise delivery timeline and a list of milestones, which we commit to respecting
  • For each engagement, we highlight quantitative and qualitative results and gains generated by your project
  • All our services take full account of the human component of your organization
  • We humbly try as much as possible to protect our planet and to act adequately in a Post-Covid environment:

    • Unless clearly requested by our clients, we advocate working remotely and avoiding travel to limit the carbon footprint
    • Part of our profits are donated to organizations and movements which fight against global warming and act in favor of social responsibility
    • We are committed to working with clients who think and act like us

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